Update from the CEO: Waiting just a little bit longer…

Dear artist, families, and friends,

I hope that you are all staying safe and staying well.

With the ongoing directive from government that gatherings of 15 or more people are to be cancelled throughout the summer months, Indefinite Arts Centre’s facility will remain closed — likely until September 2020 or at a time when it has been advised it is safe to re-open. Knowing that isolation and mental health challenges affect so many of our artists even in the best of times, it pains us all to share this update with you.

The silver lining in all of this is that our team at Indefinite Arts Centre has taken on the challenge of supporting and engaging as many artists as we possibly can – even though our physical facility remains closed.

When we launched our IAC + You range of programs and supports, we were unsure whether our artists would respond – and whether we would be a relevant part of our artists’ lives during this time.

And boy, were we wrong.

When one of our artists started to cry with joy — seeing her friends and her artist peers for the first time in weeks during one of our four daily online sessions — we realized just how important it is for our organization to support our artists and try new ways to engage them with everything going on. One of our other artists said it best: “Indefinite Arts is my family.”

So — to our family:

Know that Indefinite Arts Centre is here for you. Our team is working constantly to brainstorm new ways to support you, our artists, so that you can continue to be the amazing artists that you are. And, as you’ve already done so far, we need you to share your feedback with us.

  • If you need extra support, tell us.
  • If you need access to technology, tell us.
  • If you have ideas on how you think you and your peers can better engage with us and carry on your art with us, share them with us.

The continuation of these circumstances will not be easy for many of us, but we know – and we have seen – that creating art, sharing art, and connecting with artists is one of the most effective ways to get us to think positively and be happy.

On behalf of our whole team, I wish to share with you that it is indeed our honour and privilege to provide as many ways for all of you to do just that.

Yours sincerely,

Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu
Indefinite Arts Centre

PS – If you are a donor or funding partner, thank you. Your continuation of support allows us to deliver this essential support to our 300+ artists living with disabilities. If you wish to help us during these times, please consider donating by clicking here. Every little bit helps.