About Us

Image above is from Indefinite Arts Centre’s exhibition at the Dubai International Airport in June 2019 – becoming the first Canadian arts organization to be exhibited at the world’s busiest airport.

November 2, 2020 Update: Indefinite Arts Centre is beginning the transition to rebrand as the National accessArts Centre, upon approval of the Board of Directors and unanimous support from our artist membership. For more information regarding our rebrand and our new strategic plan, please visit www.accessarts.ca.

The Indefinite Arts Centre is Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization, providing artistic training, creation, and exhibition opportunities for people with developmental, physical, and acquired disabilities.

Every week, 300+ artists come through our 12,000 square foot multimedia studio and gallery space in Calgary. Working alongside talented instructors, our artists are supported and empowered to experience the entire artistic creation process – from conceptualization to exhibition.

This is our story.

Our vision.

Every individual – no matter their disability – who wants to find and express their creativity can do so at the Indefinite Arts Centre.

Our mission.

The Indefinite Arts Centre provides artistic training, creation, and exhibition opportunities for people – of all ages – with developmental disabilities, and shares the power of their creativity by advocating for their inclusion in the contemporary arts locally and abroad.

Our recent successes.

The opening night of Albertan Perspectives in Hong Kong, March 2018.

A global presence: The Indefinite Arts Centre was one of Canada’s first disability arts organizations to tour internationally. In 2018, with the support of Canada Council for the Arts, Global Affairs Canada, and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, 30 of our artists’ works toured through Hong Kong and Korea as part of the Albertan Perspectives show. In 2019, the Centre became the first Canadian arts organization to be installed at the Dubai International Airport, following a successful artist residency in Dubai that involved two of our artists. In December 2019, Indefinite Arts Centre represented Canada at the Tracing Possibilities symposium hosted by the British Council in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Constant innovation in programming: Guided by our strategic plan, This is Our Moment, Indefinite Arts Centre has made tremendous strides in introducing a broader range of artistic training and creation opportunities that help advance our artists’ practice. Residencies, public art projects, art book publications, exposure to contemporary artists through an Art Atlas initiative are just some of the many programs being rolled out under the direction of Karly Mortimer, formerly of Banff Centre.

CEO JS Ryu as a delegate to the 2018 Americas Cultural Summit.

A voice for Canada’s disability arts: In the past few years, Indefinite Arts Centre has been called upon to provide insights and suggestions on the present and future states of the disability arts movement in Canada. CEO JS Ryu has been a past panelist and delegate to gatherings including the Canadian Arts Summit, the Salzburg Global Seminar, ISPA, and the Americas Cultural Summit. In February 2019, JS was also asked to speak to the Senate Special Committee on the Charitable Sector, showcasing the successes and challenges facing smaller arts organizations serving underserved populations.

Architectural rendering of the National accessArts Centre project. (DIALOG Architects)

Our future: The Indefinite Arts Centre has started the process of designing and planning for North America’s first multidisciplinary arts hub purpose-built for artists and audiences with disabilities. The National accessArts Centre project has currently received seed funding of close to $250,000 to move progress towards the realization of a $20 million state-of-the-art campus – dubbed the “Banff Centre for artists with disabilities.”