Our Compass

Thanks to support from the Rozsa Foundation, Indefinite Arts Centre staff have led the development of our Compass which will guide all aspects of our organization. Our team of staff and volunteers will look to our Compass as we continue to innovate and find new ways to support our remarkable artists.

Excellence. We are an arts organization, supporting artists in reaching new levels of excellence. We strive for the highest standards in every facet of our work. We offer our artists the best platforms for training, creation, and exhibitions.

Courage. We are unapologetic social change agents. We always challenge the status quo. We have the courage to ask questions and test societal assumptions about diversity and inclusion.

Empowerment. We empower our team and our artists to harness opportunities to succeed and push boundaries. We empower our team and our artists to seek their fullest potential.

On June 17, 2019, the following Indefinite Arts Centre team members participated in a day-long session with Watershed Organizational Development’s Geoff Powter to collaborate and develop our Compass.