Drawing Power – Calgary + Guadalajara

Artist Donald Greenough with his work, “Sheriff”, 2011-2019, 48 x 60, rug hooking
  • October 29, 2019 / 5-7 PM / Festival Hall, 1215 10 Avenue SE / Calgary
  • December 5, 2019 – February 5, 2020 / Centro Cultural Constitucion / Jalisco, Mexico

Drawing Power brings together ten recent works by artists working at Indefinite Arts Centre. Through reflections on landscape, popular culture, and symbols of power, this exhibition investigates the power of breaking down hierarchies and calling forward meaningful values.

There is power in the act of making and documenting our lived experiences and perspectives. These experiences are in turn viewed through the unique lens each of us holds; they are shaped by our understandings and values. Sharing these experiences offers an opportunity for communities to connect, build relationships and cultivate discussion. For the artists featured in Drawing Power this reciprocal relationship is explored by way of challenging their chosen mediums and finding their voice through material.

Processes of decision making in artistic practice are important for the confidence of both the artist and their peers. The feeling created by this balance of giving and receiving has a magnetic quality that is inclusive in its generosity; here, we draw power from these important connections and forms of exchange.

Drawing Power features new work by Rene Boyer, Andrew Harding, Rachel Harding, Gwyn Howell, Donald Greenough, Roby King, Brad McCaull, and Matt McCordquindale.