Limitless Realities

Peter Erglis, Solitude (2020), 12X18, Digital Print

Indefinite Arts Centre + ATB Branch for Arts and Culture are pleased to present an exhibition featuring 25 Indefinite Arts Centre artists, taking place at:

ATB Financial / The Branch for Arts and Culture
102 8 Ave SW

November 4, 2020 to January 4, 2021
Exhibition will be open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Due to COVID-19, there will be no opening reception. Artists and members of the public are invited to go see these works during the times stated above.

Exhibition info:

Resulting from a workshop, Limitless Realities asks a simple but powerful question: if you could create and step inside an alternative reality that better understands you, what kind of a world would you create? Over three studio sessions, IAC artists were asked to explore ways of combining drawing, painting, backdrops, green screens, and digital photography to reimagine, design, and superimpose themselves into new and alternative worlds of their own manifesting. 

Whether overtly political, nostalgic, or simply playful, these imagined realities exemplify the sentiment that if we want to change or revise the current trajectory of our future, it is easier to start by editing and exploring alternatives in the present. Reimaging our surroundings goes hand in hand with reimagining ourselves. By providing space, care, and respect for new stories, narratives, and portrayals, we hold ourselves accountable for producing the powerful magic necessary for realizing more equitable and responsible present realities. 

This exhibition features the works of: Adeel Sadiq, Amber Heath, Angie Tremblay, Anil Singh, Brittany Osiowy, Carla Marjanen, Christina Stenhouse, Gwyn Howell, David Oppong, Daniel Desaulniers, Jessica Kowalski, Jonathan Stel, Kathy Austin, Kacey Salkeld, Laura LaPeare, Lauren MacMilan, Leonka Kaluha, Matt McCorquindale, Meg Ohsada, Michael Marjoram, Misty McCorquindale, Peter Erglis, Riley McNeil, Rowan Drysdale, Tony French