This House is On Fire

  • January 20 – June 24, 2020
  • Vertigo Theatre
  • 115 9 Ave SE
  • Calgary

The feeling of something not quite right, the sensation of missing a step or noticing something in a new light. These are some of the perceptions and interpretations being explored in This House is On Fire. The body and the mind have ways of alerting us to changes in our environments and interactions with others that can go unnoticed at times. But what happens when we pay attention and give thought to the sensations of strangeness? This House is On Fire features work by Aron Banman, Alison Cherer, Ashton Crowhust, Carol Harris, Rhonda Kottusch, Laura LaPeare, Derek Link, Tom Martens, Matthew McCorquindale, Cindy Miller, Meg Ohsada, Brittany Osiowy, Adeel Sadiq, and Michelle Somers.