What Matters Now

Jack Vernery, “Thank You for What You Did” (2019).

September 25 to October 25, 2020
cSPACE King Edward, 1st Floor
1721 29 Avenue SW

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 2-5 PM

Artists: Geoffrey Bates, Susan Brosz, Jamie Bryant, Ashton Crowhurst, Alysia Gibson, Andrew Harding, Lauren MacMillan, Susie Meredith, Debbie O’Gorman, David Oppong, Adeel Sadiq, Roma Shafer, and Jack Vernery

This group exhibition brings together a body of work that answers the question: what matters now? 

Participating artists all work alongside each other at Indefinite Arts Centre, Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization. This year has brought tremendous changes to the ways our artists work while highlighting how essential the artistic practice is. Connecting over online studio sessions, phone calls, mail, and with the home delivery of art supplies, the community has remained connected and creative.

The works in the exhibition reflect the conversations and learnings within the IAC community about what matters now: gratitude, family, resiliency, happiness, love, nature, home, self-representation, laughter, our city, coffee.

The works are bookended by statements from Adeel Sadiq and Lauren MacMillan, asking us to return to our perceptions of ourselves and each other. They touch on another key learning from the pandemic: the ability of each individual to shape their world.

Artists have always been problem solvers, finding new ways to work and build communities.  When we look to solutions and priorities form those whose identities intersect both artistic and disability communities, we can often find the most innovative and thoughtful ideas.

Indefinite Arts Centre would like to acknowledge and thank our partners cSPACE and lead artist Andy Moro.