Why #ANewHome?

Coverage on Global Calgary (Photo: Global Calgary)
Image of the exposed back wall facing the empty arena site. (Photo: Livewire Calgary)

Built in the mid-1970s, the facility has also reached the end of its lifespan. Since the facility was never built to be an accessible arts space, the Centre has made necessary adjustments to accommodate as many of our artists’ disabilities – but challenges still remain.

The facility that remains is no longer an appropriate long-term solution for Indefinite Arts Centre. With a studio that sits on top of the main entrance to the former arena, and with an exposed back wall that has turned into an eyesore for the community, it is time for #ANewHome.

“It’s a combination of just the age of the building, the building science at the time (of construction)…”

Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra’s comments quoted in the Calgary Herald, following news that the Fairview Arena would not be rebuilt.

If the age of the building and outdated building codes are some of the primary reasons behind the arena’s roof collapse, then we have to ask ourselves — is our building safe? For how long? Before it’s too late, we ask for the province’s support in building #ANewHome for our artists and the community.

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