Our Supporters

Partners + Donors (2018/19)
The Indefinite Arts Centre and our artists are grateful for the support of the following individuals and donors.

Operational funding is provided by:
Government of Alberta – Community and Social Services
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Calgary Arts Development

Facility Partners:
The City of Calgary
YMCA Calgary

Project Partners:
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
Canada Council for the Arts
Alberta Jubilee Auditoria Society

ATB Financial
Fairview Community Association
The Hotchkiss Family Foundation
Michael J. Tims
Ron Wigham

Gerald Chipeur, Q.C.

Executive Millwork
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Geraldine A. Munro
Royal Bank of Canada
Taylor-Marchuk Family
Wendy Cartwright
Wieland Wettstein

Under $1,000
Ann Lumsden
Anndee King
Annice Pendrel
Anonymous (x9)
Bev Swan
Brad Neufeldt
Brenlee Taylor
Brian Rusted
Brian Wansleeben
Carol Mortimer
Cathy Kerr
Chris Hodgson
Cleo deLancey
Dijana Andric
Doreen Reich
Dorothy Chisholm
Elaine Yost
Elizabeth Hall-Findlay
Glen Skimming
Indra & Abbi Singh
J.E. Whitaker
James Cameron
Jamie Gore (Nikky Waters)
Jamie Kleinsteuber
Jeff de Boer
Jim McQueen
JoAnn (Joey) Stewart
Jo-anne Gilmore
JoAnne Murray
Jody Roll
Jolanda Doornberg
Jung-Suk Ryu
Juanita Carberry
Judy Galbraith
Karen Foster
Ken McNeill
Kevin Marjoram
Kyla Longstaff
Kyle Roll
Leia Tait
Leslie Tamagi
Letha MacLachlan
Lori McLellan
Marcella Campbell
Margo Delancey
Maria Robertson
Marion Nichols
Maureen Moul
Megan Mackey
Melissa Wigham
Michael Marjoram
Michelle Berg
Mike and Anne Rogers
Mingxia Li
Noriko Ohsada
Pat Desaulniers
Patricia Pennock
Rachel Kwan
Richard Cooke
Ruth Britten
Scott McDonald
Sonya Regehr
Stampede City Good Sams
Sunnyside Market
Susan Hupman
Tammy Lipsett
Teresa Studer
Todd Rich
Total Donations
Val Hazle