Message from the CEO

Indefinite Arts Oct 18 NZ-3061.jpg
Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu, CEO, Indefinite Arts Centre

Thank you for letting me share some information with you about the Indefinite Arts Centre. We are proud to be Canada’s oldest and largest disability arts organization, founded in 1975 and now serving close to 300 artists per week in our 11,000+ square foot studio and gallery space in southeast Calgary.

Yes, our niche is to serve artists with disabilities, but our vision is to provide them with a platform to stand strong on their merits and their efforts – as artists. Throughout our website, we hope to give you a glimpse into how we provide artistic training, creation and exhibition opportunities for our artists – and at the same time, advocate for more meaningful, inclusive arts policies that shine the light on the creativity of artists living with disabilities.

Why the arts? And why support individuals with disabilities to advance themselves in artistic practice?

Because we know that the arts has the power to change lives. It provides a platform for one of the most underrepresented communities in our society to share their thoughts and aspirations. It’s about building both the abilities and the confidence to say “I’m an artist.” And through the power of their creativity, it can change all of our preconceived notions of people living with disabilities.

But we cannot do this work alone, and we need your support. If you believe like we do that artists with disabilities need to be supported, celebrated, included, and showcased locally and around the world, then let’s talk.

Yours sincerely,


Jung-Suk (JS) Ryu
Indefinite Arts Centre